Quite a common malady, most people have headaches at some point in their lives. But, there are certain headaches which may be categorized overall as tension or migraine types. The majority of headaches are not severe, and the subject experiences discomfort ranging from minor to moderate. Migraine type headaches, which have a lower incidence of sufferers, are often very distressing. Headaches that are migraines are often explained as intensely painful, pounding, and sometimes incapacitating in their severity. They may lead to problems with lack of appetite, nausea, and feelings of vertigo.

Among the triggers for headache pain are anxiety, toxins, poor diet, and health issues.

Chiropractic adjustment can reduce or eliminate the number of headaches some people experience. Getting rid of spinal column subluxation enables the system to operate as it was intended. A Chiropractor will have to give an exam and take x-rays (if necessary) to make a diagnosis and come up with a plan to treat and annihilate headaches.