Chiropractic Adjustment

A Chiropractor performs a Chiropractic adjustment that pinpoints a particular joint, utilizes a particular force, and applies a particular pressure going in a particular direction. In a nutshell, the bone is unlocked from its incorrect position as the practitioner applies pressure. The chiropractic doctor’s main role is improvement of the functioning of the spinal column and health in general. The restoration of the natural healing of the body is assisted by adjustments which return the bones to a position that is much more normal.

Many refer to adjusting as an “art.” There are numerous different methods, and it is the Chiropractor’s choice to use whatever method that will be best for you with minimum force. An individual and separate approach that is special might be necessary for every patient and his doctor, and everyone is not the same. In the determination of the best technique in adjustment to use, the age of the person, his sex, weight, and the structure of his muscles and bones are considered by the doctor.

Pain caused by getting an adjustment is not reported by many patients. Popping sounds are often heard; they are normal and represent the audible sound of pockets of gas being released from the joints.